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Job Description - Registered Nurse

Responsible To

Registered Manager

Objectives Of The Post

  1. To be a member of a team of Care workers with a total commitment to agreed standards of care, ensuring that all residents are given security and support and the opportunity to maximise their independence, dignity and choice.
  2. To have a commitment to ensuring that all residents receive security, support and dedicated care within a traditional family environment, whilst maintaining close links with the outside family members and community.
  3. To ensure the clinical welfare of the residents at all times.

Essential Qualifications & Experience

Registered General Nurse or Registered Mental Health Nurse, it would be desirable to have a working knowledge of mental health issues but not essential as training will be given.

Main Duties & Responsibilities – Day and Night Staff

Residents and Clients

  1. To belong to a team of Health Care Professionals with a total commitment to agreed standards of care for the residents.
  2. To ensure that all residents have an equal opportunity to enjoy a friendly, homely and stimulating atmosphere within the home, thereby encouraging them to lead as full a life as possible.
  3. To contribute to the provision of all aspects of care as directed by the residents, encouraging them to maintain their independence by allowing them to undertake such tasks of which they are individually capable.
  4. To develop, implement and review care plans for each individual resident in conjunction with the care manager and relevant medical personnel.
  5. To complete medication administration documents in accordance with the correct procedure.
  6. To complete wound care sheets and acute care plans and document treatment administered, to make necessary referrals to G.P’s.
  7. To liaise with G.P’s for the review and dispensing of medication.
  8. To work as part of a key worker system, to act as a key worker for particular residents, where appropriate.
  9. To build an effective relationship with residents and their families, especially where acting as a key worker, observing discretion and confidentiality as appropriate.
  10. To undertake training and supervision to developing personal skills relative to the needs of the residents and the role, including skills in communication, observation and active listening.
  11. To be aware of the homes and the local policies and procedures on Safeguarding, Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty and to use these reporting/recording procedures at all times and without fail.
  12. To hold and attend the staff handover meetings and to act upon discussions and information generated at these meetings.
  13. To respect the cultural and religious needs of the residents by assisting in the provision of facilities for the religious observance of the festivals and meeting individual needs where stated.
  14. To assist residents to access an adequate well-balanced diet, paying attention to food hygiene principles.  Where possible, there should be some choice and flexibility.
  15. To assist in being responsible for the security of the building.

Management & Administration

  1. To undertake administrative duties to include: Clinical care plans, Wound Care Charts & Observations, Medication Documentation and Referrals for Hospital Admissions.
  2. To be aware of and utilise at all times, or where appropriate, the homes policies and procedures.
  3. To compile reports, assessments and reviewing of clinical care plans.


  1. To lead a multi-cultural staff team to facilitate good care practices throughout the home.
  2. To participate in the teaching and supervision of new staff.
  3. To identify personal training needs.
  4. To ensure that communication between care staff and senior staff is maintained at all times through the line management system.
  5. To attend staff meetings and meetings outside the Home as required by the needs of the establishment, to participate where appropriate in discussions.
  6. To advise the Care Manager of supervision issues.
  7. To ensure that communication between all staff is maintained at all times through the line management system.
  8. To work effectively with and supervise volunteers.


  1. To ensure residents maintain close links with the community through their relatives, friends, volunteers, clubs and other organisations.
  2. R.G.N/R.M.N’s will communicate with a wider range of people including service user’s families, other carers, social workers and other professional staff in associated organisations (such as the NHS).

Night Duty

  1. To ensure that staff remain alert and attentive to the needs of the residents throughout the night shift.
  2. Staff on night duty are not permitted to sleep during their period of duty, including break periods.  Failure to remain awake on duty will be treated as a dismissible offence.
  3. To be aware of and answer emergency call alarm bells and to maintain hourly rounds of the building and effect unobtrusive surveillance of care needs.
  4. To prepare and serve hot and cold beverages to residents throughout the night and early morning tea. To ensure nutrition is delivered as per the recommended guidelines.

Health & Safety

  1. To be aware of and comply with safe working practices as laid down under the Health and Safety at Work Act and to attend training as applicable to unit procedures.
  2. R.G.N/R.M.N’s must promote health, safety and security in line with policies and procedures and training.
  3. To ensure the safety of all personnel and residents in the building through appropriate training, observation and monitoring of fire risks, moving and handling, infection control, food hygiene. Etc.
  4. To make the Health and Safety Officer and Care Manager aware any defects in the building, plant or equipment.
  5. To ensure that any accidents to staff, residents or volunteers are reported in accordance with correct procedures. (accident book and daily evaluations)


  1. The post holder will be expected to comply with Home Care’s dress code, as amended from time to time. Uniforms should be provided free of charge and must be worn when on duty.
  2. To carry out any other reasonable duties as requested by the Community Care Services Manager or other designated senior staff.
  3. This job description is not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities and is subject to change in accordance with the needs of the service.

To discuss this vacancy further please contact us by calling Northleach Court on 01451 899 686 or emailing the team at

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