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Private Dementia Care Homes Gloucestershire - Northleach Court

Northleach Court Private Care Home takes great pride in its team of highly experienced and specialised carers, who are experienced in Alzheimer’s nursing care and private Dementia care, and aims to be one of the best private Dementia care homes in Gloucestershire.

Specialist private Dementia care

We have a deep understanding of the challenges that come with living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia and are aware of the effects it can have on both our residents and their families. Each of our friendly and experienced dementia care team are a dementia care specialist and they work closely alongside residents and their families to provide help and support.

The team will create personalised care plans that are tailored to each resident’s individual needs and wishes. Some activities that have proven to benefit those with Alzheimers and Dementia include light physical exercise, activites that allow them to reminisce about their lives (long-term memory often remains stronger for residents living with dementia) and animal therapy, all of which are available and supported here at Northleach.

Why choose Northleach for Dementia care?

As a Dementia care specialist, our team have had specific training in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care and have specialist skills in providing private care for dementia residents here at Northleach. Our carers are experienced with both complex and changing needs and are always on hand to offer help and support. The care team aims to ensure residents enjoy their independence and lead happy healthy lives. As well as offering a wide range of daily activities including specialist Dementia activities, staff engage frequently with all our residents to help them feel settled and at home.

If you are looking for a Dementia care home in Gloucestershire, then we would love to welcome you into our home and show you how we can support you. We stand out against other Dementia care homes in the south Cotswolds as we offer a warm, safe and homely environment, unlike many Dementia care homes that can often seem unwelcoming and sterile. Northleach Court Dementia care home in Gloucestershire has a number of ‘fidget boards’ dotted around the home for familiarity, alongside interactive activity areas offering a wide range of daily activities for Dementia patients to encourage socialising, trigger memory and stimulate thought processing.

Our welcoming and calm environment make us a popular choice for Dementia care homes in Gloucestershire and Dementia care homes in The Cotswolds and helps make the transition to care much easier for everybody involved.

Dementia nursing care

Our beautiful home in Gloucestershire is the ideal choice for families who have decided they need extra support. Northleach is a unique home in that it can offer both residential and nursing care (not all homes can offer the nursing element of care). We provide nursing care for people with complex long-term conditions including mental and physical disabilities. 

You may feel that at this stage that the nursing element of what we offer isn’t needed, but it might develop over time. We have found with dementia residents in the past that as the condition develops the feeling of familiarity and belonging in our home becomes more important – therefore selecting a home that can adapt to changing and more complex nursing care needs in the future is vital. Needing to move care home several years down the line because the home you choose can’t offer the care required can be very upsetting indeed.

Dementia respite care

We understand that caring for someone with dementia is extremely difficult. 

If your loved one is still managing to live at home then we know that at times you will need extra support, and at Northleach we are here to deliver this whenever you need it. Our dementia respite care services include short-term respite care for elderly patients with dementia.

Whether you need support for a weekend, to cover a holiday or something more long-term our Private respite care is exceptional and our short term residents are given the same high quality of care that our long term residents receive.

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