Silent Disco For Northleach Residents

Last weekend the residents at Northleach Court were joined by Mark from Sweet Silent Disco for an afternoon of singing, dancing and laughter.

A Silent Disco is a unique and exciting musical experience delivered through a pair of wireless headphones rather than being played out loud using speakers. Silent Discos have become increasingly popular with the elderly and the disabled and can be fully customisable to suit individual needs. 

It has been proven that music can have a number of benefits, particularly for the elderly and those with Dementia. Music can also help to reduce anxiety and depression, encourage movement and improve overall wellbeing.

Our residents were supplied with a pair of headphones, a feather boa and a pair of glowsticks and the entire room was filled with positive energy. Mark interacted with our residents beautifully and everybody enjoyed singing and dancing along with him.  

We are looking forward to welcoming Mark back to the home very soon. 



Mark delivers Silent Disco sessions across Weston, Clevedon, Bristol, Gloucester, Taunton and Exeter. Further information on the workshops that he offers can be found at 


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