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Palliative Care - Northleach Court

Our palliative care service is for residents with a terminal illness who are close to the end of their journey. Dealing with things such as pain and other physical symptoms is important, but when providing palliative care at Northleach Court we believe that maximising the resident’s overall well-being and supporting them emotionally is extremely important.

The decision to begin palliative care is a collaboration between the healthcare team, family members and wherever possible, the individual. If someone has received all the treatments that might change the course of their illness or deterioration, the next step is to focus on comfort and quality of life.

Our goal is to achieve the best quality of life for residents and their families during a difficult but very important time.

Northleach Court Private Care Home is a friendly and welcoming community of experienced professional carers and Dementia care specialists. Staff are experienced in caring for challenging and complex needs and are passionate about providing the highest quality of care with the intention of improving the wellbeing and happiness of our residents’ at all times.

Our beautiful Grade II listed building enables our attentive care team to deliver an exceptional level of personalised care. Our highly skilled and experienced team of staff prioritise all residents’ comfort and wellbeing.

Together with the support of external health service professionals, our expert care team deliver exceptional quality round-the-clock care and support 24 hours a day. Care is supported by a wide range of healthcare professionals including GP’s, district nurses, and other medical professionals. Our caring and sensitive staff also offer comforting help and support not only to residents but also to family and friends – as an example by enabling frequent visits from many familiar faces at any time and perhaps even having a family member staying at Northleach Court, often provides the resident great comfort and enjoyment.

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