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Nursing Home in Gloucestershire - Northleach Court

Northleach Court, our nursing home in Gloucestershire, is family-owned and run so we avoid the focus of corporately run homes simply on clinical matters. We look to maximise each resident’s overall wellbeing so in addition to fantastic clinical care we also focus on each individual and their holistic needs and aspirations be they related to hobbies, activities, nutrition, spirituality etc.

What is a nursing care home?

A nursing care home is simply one that provides regular, daily nursing care – rather than having district nurses visit the home which the majority of care homes can offer. 

Nursing care is needed if a resident requires care that cannot be provided at home or in a residential care environment. With a focus and many years of experience, we provide nursing care for people with complex long-term conditions including mental and physical disabilities.

What type of nursing care does Northleach offer?

Our nursing home in Northleach provides a wide range of nursing care services including private dementia care with nursing and Alzheimer’s nursing care. We can provide permanent residential nursing care or short-term respite nursing care.

At Northleach Court nursing home in Gloucestershire, our highly trained team provide residents with the very best nursing care available, in a friendly and non-clinical environment. Our high-quality care and comfortable ‘home from home’ environment make us a popular choice for nursing homes in Gloucestershire and nursing homes in The Cotswolds. Northleach nursing care home does not look or feel at all like most people’s perceptions of a ‘nursing home’ and is certainly a world away from a new build ultra-modern home. Instead, it is often complimented for feeling homely and a ‘home away from home’.

How is nursing care provided?

Nursing care is provided under the ever-watchful eye of the Registered Manager and our Clinical Lead, by our in-house nurses (RGN’s) who are available to our residents 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and unlike many other residential nursing homes we absolutely will not use agency nurses. The nurses at our nursing home in Northleach are supported by a fantastic team of senior carers and care assistants.

Unlike many nursing homes, for us ‘mandatory training’ is simply the minimum – we invest significantly in supporting and encouraging all our staff to undertake a wide range of additional training and to develop their own areas of interest to encourage career progression.

For example, the Northleach team are very experienced in understanding why someone living with dementia may become upset, distressed or angry and not only do they know exactly how to comfort people individually, they will put in place strategies and interventions to help reduce or prevent any such recurrence.

We also benefit from the weekly input from our very experienced Head of Care Quality and Governance who is constantly introducing new ideas and industry best practise to everything we do.

What also makes us stand out against other nursing homes in Gloucestershire is our team’s use of a ‘next generation’ electronic care planning and monitoring system which massively reduces the time they otherwise would have to spend on writing care records and allows them to spend more time with residents. Additionally, the system generates alerts in real-time, so if specific care tasks have not been completed on time, alerts are sent to care staff, nurses, the manager (even if she is at home) and are subsequently automatically escalated to the Directors smartphones. This system helps ensure that we are incredibly responsive to resident’s minute-by-minute needs and wishes and also are proactive in making changes to optimise their long term wellbeing, and makes us an ideal choice if you are searching for a nursing home in Gloucestershire.

What are the benefits of choosing privately owned nursing homes?

These days all care homes are privately owned, so if you want to avoid the corporate feel then it is best to look for somewhere family-owned and run like our homes. This allows us freedom over the homes so private nursing care can be tailored to the individuals holistic needs, not just their medical ones.

At our private nursing homes, we believe that all residents should lead happy, healthy and fulfilled lives regardless of the level of care required. Northleach Court Private Care Home has a dedicated Wellbeing Coordinator who works with the entire care team, to ensure our residents are happy, engaged in things which interest and fulfil their specific wishes and are entertained by one of our wide range of high-quality activities including specialist Dementia activities. Examples of these activities include meeting a variety of animals, silent discos and gardening. We ensure that residents who may be bed-bound or who by choice wish to remain in their bedrooms have frequent visits by care staff during the day to spend quality time with them maybe just talking or providing a manicure, playing a game, reading or another activity of their choice.

As part of our residential nursing care provision, we create a detailed care package for each resident specific to their personal needs and requirements. Care packages are regularly reviewed and updated, and we work closely with GPs and specialist healthcare professionals to ensure that changing requirements from complex needs or illnesses are met. All of our staff are passionate about providing the highest quality of nursing care to all residents and we aim to be one of the best nursing homes in Gloucestershire.

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