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Couples Care at Northleach Court Care Home

Northleach Court is the perfect care home for couples. We believe that couples should be given the choice to continue living together which is why we offer couples care services for married couples and partners.

Although many elderly people who need to go into a care home live alone, there is a significant number living with their spouse or partner. Often married and living together for many years the idea of living apart may be unimaginable, and it can be very distressing for one partner to go into a care home while the other remains at home.

Traditionally, care homes have found it difficult to care for couples with different needs, but it is an area, here at Northleach Court, we feel very passionately about.

Our couples care services gives married and elderly couples the opportunity to continue living together whilst receiving the care and support that they require. This can be when both of the couple need assistance or when only one member of the couple requires care and the other is more independent.

Why Choose Northleach Care Home for Married Couples and Partners?

Our nursing home care for married couples and partners has an attentive care team that provides the highest quality of care for all needs and requirements and are always on hand to offer help and support. Our care services are personalised to suit each resident’s individual needs, requirements and wishes and provides a basis for which we then centre all aspects of the resident’s care around. By providing this higher quality of bespoke care, we are able to provide greater support to residents with the aim of maximising their overall wellbeing.

 We have a range of larger sized bedrooms that can comfortably accommodate more than one resident, giving the extra space and independence they may need and offer a wide range of daily activities and events to suit all likes and interests.

What are the benefits of choosing a care home for couples?

Choosing a care home that provides couple care can provide several benefits, such as: 

  • Maintaining the couple’s independence whilst also allowing for access to support and care when needed 
  • Continuity of relationship, with both parties being able to remain close together in a familiar setting 
  • Quality care tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences 
  • Access to activities and events that are suited to each individual’s tastes and interests 
  • Peace of mind of knowing that the couple are safe and secure in a supportive environment 
  • Ability to remain in close contact with family members, friends and the local community.

Need a Care Home for Couples

If you are a married couple who could benefit from couple care, contact us today and see how we can help. Our team of professionals have the expertise and experience to provide you with the highest quality couple care services, tailored specifically for your needs. 

For more information regarding care and availability contact Northleach Court Care Home today.

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