Northleach Court Care Home: Days Out in the Cotswolds

Welcome to Northleach, a charming, quaint town in the Cotswolds that offers a tranquil environment for a day out with your loved ones living at Northleach Court Care Home.

Whether you are looking to eat at one of many lovely Northleach cafes and restaurants, or eager to sample our culture and history at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, the Northleach music museum, or the famous Northleach steam fair, we are proud to offer a relaxing day out with plenty of things to do in Northleach.

Historic Attractions

Steeped in rich heritage, Northleach boasts several historic attractions. Notably, the medieval Church of St Peter and St Paul, known for its stunning architecture and captivating history. Don’t miss the Old Prison, now a museum illustrating local history. Also, explore our charming antique shops, where each item tells a unique tale. These experiences offer a leisurely day of discovery for your loved ones at Northleach Court Care Home.

Culinary Delights

Northleach Court Care Home is lucky to be a short distance from delightful cafes and restaurants in Northleach that cater to every craving. Notably, The Wheatsheaf Inn is a favourite amongst locals and visitors, known for its comfort food made from locally sourced ingredients. Relax at The Black Cat Cafe with a coffee and cake, or enjoy a delicious pub lunch at The Sherborne Arms.

The Northleach Steam Fair

A visit to the Northleach Steam Fair is like stepping back in time. Showcasing a fascinating collection of vintage steam-powered vehicles, it’s an event that captures the imagination and stirs feelings of nostalgia. The fair also offers a lively atmosphere with local food stalls and charming music. It’s an ideal event for our care home residents to reminisce and build new memories, within Northleach’s unique heritage.

The Northleach Music Museum

Delight in the harmonious world of the Northleach Music Museum. Home to an array of rare and antique musical instruments, this museum is a paradise for music enthusiasts. Each exhibit offers a peek into the town’s rich musical heritage, making it a truly uplifting experience. A visit here is a melodious treat that our care home residents can relish, stirring both memories and emotions with every note.

Outdoor Activities

Northleach offers numerous outdoor activities, perfect for leisurely outings. Enjoy a stroll around our well-kept gardens and parks, or bird-watch in the peaceful surroundings. For those interested in history, the town’s architectural walking trail is a treat. Additionally, we offer wheelchair-accessible routes, ensuring everyone from Northleach Court Care Home can enjoy the beauty of Northleach’s outdoors.

Venturing Outside of Northleach

Being located in the Cotswolds, we are fortunate enough to be a short drive from other lovely scenic and rural areas for days out in the Cotswolds and things to do in Gloucestershire. While Northleach itself offers plenty, there are also charming locations nearby worth exploring. Easy drives away are delightful towns like Cheltenham, Bourton-on-the-Water, Stow-on-the-Wold, and Broadway. Each offers its unique charm and character, making them perfect for short trips with your loved ones from Northleach Private Care Home. The ease of travel and the change of scenery can add excitement to your days out in the Cotswolds.

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